Why Kulturschöpfer?

We don't think that we alone as an organization are culture makers, rather we think everyone is a culture maker. Whether a painter, a photographer, an accountant, a nurse, a teacher, or an IT tech we all have an influence in culture right where we find ourselves - at work, within our families and circles of friends, big or small, and together we can have a positive influence in our surrounding society and culture.

What do we offer?

We offer a room for ideas, exchange, open conversations, meetings and the support of art - a room for everyone. We support art, culture, and professional development through various events and programs. For example, a room for concerts, public speaking, exhibits, cooking courses, round-table discussions, Business-English courses, Finance help for startups, a bulletin board for networks and organizations within Friedrichshain, Cultural evenings & conversations, and various other means of support for other organizations and the community of Friedrichshain.


If you have any ideas or would like to offer an activity, event, or course we'd very much like to hear from you! Please send us a message!


The Goals of the Organization:

 The furthering of Art and Culture

 The furthering of Professional Development

 The furthering of International Understanding

 The furthering of charitable community engagement


Shared Office/Bürogemeinschaft

We found a great space here in Grünberger Straße, but we have more space than we need. We have over 200qm which we would really like to share with you. You'll find much more than just a desk here. Our space is continually transforming because every person adds something unique - starting with the

furniture, which we built out of wood ourselves. For us, it's important to have a diverse mix of professions represented here where there can be mutual interaction. In our eyes, every profession has it's own worth and we offer a place where this worth can unfold. You can work professionally here and yet still feel at home. More information here at Shared Office/Bürogemeinschaft