Our Vision


 Why do we do what we do?

To see a Community (Kultur) Created (Schöpfer)


 What kind of community?

A community (Kultur) marked by creativity (Schöpfer):


Characteristics of a Creative Community:


Structure (Planned Chaos)

 The physical space & courses/events offered at Kulturschöpfer are like a playground (a limited, structured, defined space) where others can experience a place to create/play. We provide a structured environment where imagination and creativity can roam free.


Collaboration (Togetherness)

Good for us as artists but better for us as humans. Communities aren’t just for networking/self-promotion, but for helping us and others grow creatively together.


Imagination (Wandering)

Dreaming opens up the possibility of a better world.


Risk (Shooting High)

See yourself, others pushed to their potential. Find support for your crazy ideas.


Respect and Understanding (A safe place to learn from mistakes)

A safe place to try, fail, and try again. A place where you can “fail fast & fail forward”


Processing/Feedback (Evaluation/Growth)

Hearing about constructive feedback about our strengths/weaknesses helps us develop creatively.


Having a positive influence on the culture


What are our focus areas?

The furthering of art & culture

The furthering of professional development

The furthering of international and intercultural understanding

The furthering of community engagement within society


What do we offer?




Discussion Groups

Courses & Workshops

Shared Office Space

Collaboration with other organizations in Friedrichshain