The Salon 16.10.19

The Salon October 2019

The Salon is a gathering of people interested in art and culture under the roof of a “salon”/a cultural forum. It is a designed to create a casual and inspiring space for artists and those interested in art and culture to engage, build community, exchange ideas and perhaps form new collaborations. Each meeting a question will be presented for discussion and or sharing of our art work for feedback, discussion or brainstorming.

This month’s discussion will be facilitated by a visiting creative from Atlanta, GA USA, James Lytle. James is a data product designer at Juice Analytics, Co-leader of OpenidAtl and his 1st startup was FinestraApp. The discussion will focus on the following questions: What do do when our motivation is lacking, how do we break from from what is comfortable in our creative practice and how much of yourself/identity is in your work? What is possible when more or less of yourself is in it.

Join us at 19:00 Abend Brot/Sandwich meal and bring an food or drink item to share. Bread (gluten free and regular) will be provided.