Urban Sketching Workshop | Sunday, March 10, 2019 @ 16:00 at Kulturschöpfer & Urban Sketching Workshop | Thursday, March 14, 2019 | @19:00 at Kulturschöpfer


American artist James Chapman will lead our Urban Sketching Workshops. Using pen, pencil, and/or watercolor, participants will work with Chapman using a process of artistic discovery (with a firm belief in the idea that “you can't mess up”). Improvisation and risk inform a whole life and a whole image--and mistakes can even give it zing.

Sketching is a mindful, playful way of experiencing place, slowing us down to pace that makes true encounter of a place possible. Walking and sketching, participants of any skill level will find new edges of growth. Adding a journaling component—free-associations, anchoring words and language—rounds out the urban sketching practice. And from there, participants will discover their “snapshots” transform into personal field-guides anchored in powerful, personal memories.

This workshop can help beginners and advance sketchers hone their skills.
There is no cost for this Sketch & Explore Session

Bring materials or write us if you need to borrow materials

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