The Salon* Artist Talk 25.10.2018 , 19:00-21:00


The Salon*

Culture begins with conversation. The Salon is a gathering of people of diverse interests and backgrounds under the roof of a "salon". It is our desire to engage one another, refine our tastes, and exchange knowledge and ideas together. An cultural Think Tank. At each meeting an idea, project, concept will be presented followed by discussion, feedback, and brainstorming.

This month we will have several artists from our current exhibition/artist residency, In // Between #3**, with us. Join us in our gallery for an in depth discussion regarding the residency and the art work that resulted.

Entrance is free but we ask for donations for drinks and use of space.

*The Salon is a monthly event formerly known as The Drawing Room.

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**In // Between # 3 is a collaborative project and artist residency of Kulturschöpfer and Green Gill Gallery that brings together artist from different parts of the world. Over a six-week period, our artist create, share, listen and learn from each other, in order to build a unique exhibition that showcases the nexus between cross-cultural dialogue, experience and growth.