The Art of Japanese Book Binding, 28.04.2018 11.00-13.00

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The Art of Japanese Book Binding
11:00 - 13:00
Cost: 15 € for one A5 size notebook/40 pages or A4 size notebook/ 20 pages
Materials Used: Recycled Kraft Paper

Books in Japan have a long history, which begins in the late 8th century AD. The traditional Japanese four-hole stab bookbinding technique has a simple, elegant appeal and it's excellent for beginners. If you want to create unique beautiful handmade notebooks, the Japanese bookbinding sewing technique is ideal for preserving calligraphy, photos, artwork, poems or journals. Using the Japanese sewing method, I will be teaching you how to stitch and sew together your own notebook. The workshop is open to anyone with no experience or prior knowledge of bookbinding. All materials are included.

To sign up, email Ioana Bultoc