The Drawing Room - 23.01.2018 @ 19:00

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The Drawing Room
19:00 - 21:00

Culture begins with conversation. The Drawing Room is a gathering of people of diverse interests and backgrounds under the roof of a "salon". It is our desire to engage one another, refine our tastes, and exchange knowledge and ideas together. An art Think Tank. At each meeting an idea, project, concept will be presented followed by discussion, feedback, and brainstorming.

January’s Drawing Room will have two foci 1) How do we design and share Creative Spaces 2) Show and Tell

Exciting things are happening in and around Kulturschöpfer and we want and need you to be apart of its continued development.  

With the start of the new year, Kulturschöpfer is expanded our physical space in order to offer a bigger art gallery, additional shared office spaces and add a brand new Werkstatt/shared creative space.  We are excited to have a space were people can physically “get their hands dirty!”  The Drawing Room discussion will focus on what does it mean to have a shared creative space, the potential as well as the challenges, how could it function and what needs are there for such a space.  The second part of the evening, provided there is time, will be Show and Tell, where you can bring a piece of art work or project you have or are currently working on to share with the group.  

For more information email Bobbi Jo