The Drawing Room || With Basheer Thomas B14.11.2017 @ 19:00

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Share and tell
19 - 21:00

Culture begins with a conversation. The Drawing Room is a gathering of people of diverse interests and backgrounds under the roof of a "salon". It is our desire to engage one another, refine our tastes, and exchange knowledge and ideas together. An art Think Tank. At each meeting, an idea, project, a concept will be presented followed by discussion, feedback, and brainstorming.

In this edition of The Drawing Room, we will hear from and engage with Basheer Thomas Boti, a Syrien born photographer, on his new project. Basheer will share about his new portrait project that he is described as “Who we are? Where we come from? Why we here? What are we doing? Is it normal questions we can answer it easily by saying our Names or Nationality or the Job title. This project is a simple idea to give people closer attention over the isolation, uniqueness, and singularity that we think its superiority or vantage or priority. A mix of a real life time stories from people just like you and me. Spotting the lens on the faces, can tell different stories.” We will have the opportunity to ask questions, offer feedback and hear the needs he has in order to complete this project.

There is also an opportunity for one or two others to share their artwork, poetry, projects, or questions they would like to discuss with others. If you are interested in also sharing, please email Bobbi Jo at

We will begin at 7:00 pm and end by 9:00 pm, light snacks will be provided, spende welcomed.