Paint & Mingle || 1.12.2017


Come join us at Kulturschöpfer for an evening of wine, painting, and mingling. You bring the wine and the good conversation, and we’ll provide the paint and canvases. 

We want this to be a wonderful evening where we have the chance to meet new people and learn new techniques with acrylic paint. Bobbi Jo Brooks, a local artist, will teach us a few techniques in what she calls “acrylic flow,” an abstract style where the paints have a mind of their own.

15 € for two 20x20 canvas or ornaments OR
25 € for two A4 canvas or four ornaments

Additional canvas and ornaments available for purchase for three to six euros.

RSVP here so that we can purchase supplies accordingly.

So bring your wine and holiday spirits and come gather with us us for an evening of creativity and community. These paintings make GREAT Christmas gives. So, not only will you have a great time, but you’ll get some Christmas shopping done as well. What more could you ask for? 

*Please note that the paintings may take several days to dry, so you will need to return later in order to pick them up.