AUSSTELLUNG / exhibition:

Sandra Calligaro, AFGHAN DREAM

Clovis Paul Toraman, Continente Inospitale


09.06. – 10.07.2016

Vernissage : 09.06.2016, 19:00 

Sandra Calligaro arrived almost by accident in Afghanistan to realize an adolescent dream and to become a reporter. Finally she stayed 7 years in Kabul. At the end, Afghan Dreams doesn’t show the « war in action », but witnesses the ordinary life and the « moments in-between ». These are also the moments, that Clovis Paul Torraman is searching for. Working on the migration issues, his quest brought him from Italy, Switzerland and France. Far from the mass media images, he shows a different point of view on the migrants, their situation in a suspended time frame.

Rather, it is the fragility of the everyday life of this turbulent country that has always fascinated me. I tried here to show the Afghan uneasiness by highlighting a certain latent distress, underlined by imperceptible details that would come out of these scenes: ordinary situations, moments in-between, where tension is tangible, emotions perceptible, but the conflict rarely visible.




Sebastian Drab

Dolly Demorati

 Sue Doekson

 Alex Grolleman

Abigail Hill

 Vincent Hulme

 Martin Jackson

 Jade Jefferies

 Rocketfueled (Jessica Herbert & Reuben Whitehouse)


Ausstellung/Pop-up show:


JULY 2016 – IN//BETWEEN (group show)


 16.07 – 31.07.2016

Vernissage : 16.07.2016, 19:00



Matt ARMSTRONG painter)
Ionna BULTOC (photographer)
Basheer Thomas BOTI (photographer)

Bobbi Jo BROOKS (photographer)
CROOK (musician)
Isaac GEE (photographer, videographer)
Sarah SCHWAB (photographer, graphic designer)

Stacy VOORTMAN (wire sculptor)


A Syrian photographer starting a new life in Berlin, an Irish musician, a Romanian photographer, an American graphic designer living in Japan (and many more) all meeting together in Berlin ‐ this is IN//BETWEEN.

Living in an increasingly globalized world means that the world is shrinking, in a sense. However, there can still be a great amount of distance between us, making it difficult to grasp a sense of identity and home. What would it look like to “live in between?” To pursue collaboration instead of competition and to explore our shared creative capacities as humans together?

IN//BETWEEN is not only an exhibition. It is a week‐long project through which artists, coming from different parts of Berlin and the world; will create, share, listen and learn from one another. The gallery will be a meeting place where these diverse mediums and cultures intersect through collaborative experimentation. We invite you to enjoy the outcome of our time together at our IN//BETWEEN PopUp Show.

IN‐BETWEEN : a state or position that is in the middle between two other things : a middle position (Merriam‐Webster dictionary)