IN//BETWEEN #4  Collaborative Exhibition & residency

Application Deadline: June 6, 2019

Green Hill Gallery is pleased to announce the start of our yearly IN//BETWEEN exhibition/collaborative and residency project. IN//BETWEEN #4 is not just an exhibition − it is a collaborative project and residency that brings together artists from different parts of the world and different cultures.

In // Between #4 artists:


Over a five-week period, the artists create, share, listen and learn from each other in order to build a unique exhibition that showcases the nexus between cross-cultural dialogue, experience and growth. They will be using our gallery as a studio space, so come by for a visit and see their progress.

Vernissage 02.08.2018 19:00 - 22:00

In//Between #4: Private Public and In Between

The notions of Public and Private are complex, as they relate to multiple aspects of our lives, and affect us by forcing a constant decision-making process that dictates our conditions of safety. What is public, and what is private, becomes an issue of binary opposites when there is an obscure and confusing area that lies in between. Are public and private separate, or can they be the same? Who is able to draw the distinction? What is at stake when defining private and public? Is this all related to safety; and if so, of whom?

In the attempt to answer these questions, one can start to differentiate between public and private as social constructs that establish boundaries around space to create safety, and that are channeled through our personal morals and cultures. Most people interact daily with computers, phones, alarms, surveillance systems, text messages, video chats, bank accounts, and data; the most intimate scenarios of human relations and domestic space navigate these boundaries . New forms of data and digital communication attempt to redefine the relationship between the user and the provider. Examples are the choice to accept or decline terms and conditions, our engagement with social media and the appearance of new concerns that touch the most intimate stories, thoughts and creative processes of our contemporary living, where more than one sector claims ownership . Norberto Bobbio examines these in the text “The Great Dichotomy: private/public ” in the publication Democracy and Dictatorship: The Nature and Limits of State Power, where he focuses on the distinctions of these as polar opposites, private and public as domains to maintain control and power as it extends into the political realms of society.

In order to explore the relationships between private and public in the physical and psychological aspects of our lives, we generated artistic responses challenging these notions that tend to focus on areas between the two. Who is in charge of this so-called privacy? What scenario or scenarios remind us of this issue? When do these models function, and is it by choice or imposed? How do we deal with these in our domestic space?

In this exhibition, artists Funda Zeynep Ayguler, Ioana Butloc, Lionel Cruet, Marcel Everling, Francesco Gioacchini, Jeremy Knowles, Valentina Michelini and Marie-Charlotte Nouza created an art installation that reminds us of the living environment, challenging the notions of private and public by engaging with an interactive, thought provoking space that aims to find new ways to discuss and make visible these issues and to spark new ways of thinking about this subject.




Funda Zeynep Aygüler, Turkey

Funda Zeynep Aygüler is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works across photography and moving images. She studied at the Department of Architecture at Yıldız Technical University and Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Animation Department. Her motion works have been displayed internationally and supported by New Film Fund, Anadolu Kültür and the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival, her latest photo project ‘Hermannplatz/ Berlin’ was part of FotoIstanbul '17, 4th International Festival of Photography.

Working across different media and contexts opens up new possibilities and allows me to develop an innovative approach to ideas. Across the range of my interests, from animation to non-fiction filmmaking, I am always searching and testing out new forms of experimentation by questioning the value of technology as an expressive tool.


Ioana Bultoc, Romania

Ioana Bultoc is an artist specializing in portraiture, documentary photography and community based projects. She was born in the beautiful town of Sighisoara [Romania] and moved to Coventry [England] in 2011, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Coventry University.

In 2013 she initiated the first Photo Club Society from Coventry University where she held the position of Founder and President. She's been nominated for multiple awards including "Best President and Female", winner of "Most Improved Society of 2014" and awarded "Full Colours" for her outstanding contribution and dedicated committee member who has gone above and beyond to benefit the society.

Ioana has a keen interest in teaching, mentoring and collaborating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Her work focuses on different themes which she depicts from every day life by either exploring the relationships between people and nature, documenting different social and cultural aspects or simply immortalizing mundane moments that depict an emotion.

Alongside photography, she is been integrating different mediums in her work that includes recycling paper making and various bookbinding techniques.

Recently she has a strong interest in topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Online Privacy, Internet of Things, Data and the relationship between our online/offline identity versus technology.

Currently she works as a photographer and art practitioner in Berlin [Germany].


Lionel Cruet, Puerto Rico

Lionel Cruet born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from La Escuela de Artes Plásticas en Puerto Rico and a Master in Fine Arts from CUNY - The City College of New York, and Masters in Education from College of Saint Rose; was the recipient of the Juan Downey Audiovisual Award in 2013 at the 11th Media Arts Biennale at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile and in 2018 was a Fellow at the Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City.
Cruet's artworks have been included in exhibitions at the Bronx Museum of the Arts (2017); Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse (2017); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (2013); and Universidad de Sagrado Corazón, Puerto Rico (2014); and a solo exhibition at the Bronx River Art Center (2015) and have been reviewed Made in Mind Magazine, designboom, Daily Serving California College of the Arts, and Latinx Spaces.


Collaboration is part of my artistic practice; it is to open artistic discourse and discussion on contemporary global issues to generate new visual understandings. Ideas about art and aesthetics can develop further if those are within a community or a group of people. I work in multiple mediums including experimental digital printing processes and experimentations, performance, and audiovisual installations to confront issues that concern economics, geopolitics, and technology.


Marcel Everling, Germany

Marcel Everling born in Bremen, Germany after finishing Abirtur began his professional career in photography. His first exhibition was a photo based work. Since the 90s, Everling began presenting his paintings and began studying painting in Hamburg. Beginning in 2000, Everling created many performances made from chalk graffiti, snow organic color in the roads and landscapes of Berlin, London and New York. He has been based in Berlin for more than 20 years and has one son. Everling shows his work in national and international exhibitions. In the entrance of the Berlin Bodhicharya Temple, Everling created the Snowlions sculpture out of steel beton. In the autumn of 2018, he was part of the restoration team that restored old stupa in Merigar/Toscana/Italy. Currently, he is apart of the restoration team working to restore an old farm and building a Buddhist temple and Tibetan stupa in the heart of Friedrichshain/Berlin. The paintings he has been creating the past two years have been inspired by the stupa work.

"Deeply inspired by Asian culture is the experience of time and space the main thing. The living and death - floating - pulsating and freezing. Painting and sculpture are the two mediums with I prefer to work with because I can bring my total body in them. "


Francesco Gioacchini, Italy

Francesco Gioacchini is an Italian artist based in Berlin. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in Communication from the University of Macerata, Italy. Prior to graduation he studied at the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona, Spain from 2008 through 2009. In 2014 he attended the summer school program in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and in 2016 he worked on The Floating Piers project by Christo at Iseo Lake, Italy. In 2018 Francesco graduated with a master’s degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata and part of his thesis, entitled Glenn Ligon. Border Thoughts, has been published in the art e-book series Critical Grounds hosted on website He has been participating in several group exhibitions and in 2018 he presented his first solo show in Macerata, Italy entitled Francesco Gioacchini. Missing Days.


My artistic research moves between drawing, painting and installation, investigating the aspects that are related to duality and ambivalence of human condition. The ideas of duality, limit and border, live at the same time inside and outiside the artistic boundaries; in my research the physical instruments of drawing, painting and installation become a visual language connected to the daily life and the artworks are studies of different possibilities, a way of criticizing reality by putting in doubt my point of view and adding more questions about what I know.


Jeremy Philip Knowles, UK


Recent graduate Jeremy Knowles is a British lens-based artist. Having graduated with a degree in fine art photography from Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London) in 2015, his practice has developed into a playful photographic study of the everyday.

Jeremy’s images draw patterns and humour from the randomness and repetitive nonevents that characterize the mundane within our lives – the overlooked and often unnoticed aspects of our existence that make us human. At the core of his approach lies a search for order and formality: whether in architecture, amongst people, or in the bits and pieces he finds while walking the streets of Berlin.

By bringing greater prominence and visibility to the accidental, the miraculous and the comical, we are challenged by the artist to reconsider the weight of our daily interactions with things and people, and meditate on what happens when we think nothing is happening.

Jeremy was shortlisted for BLOOOM Award in 2018. He exhibits regularly between London and Berlin.


“Deeply influenced by personal encounters and often captured within the frame of a single day, my work borders both documentary and conceptual photography. Series of works are driven by stories and accounts that explore the human experience by connecting person to place, and have either stemmed from observations made along journeys or are otherwise records of journeys in themselves. Pattern, repetition and coincidence structure my approach to ongoing projects.”


Valentina Michelini

Through a multiform approach to the medium, I present painting as a fluid art form. Thanks to its ambiguous formal and expressive multiplicity, I consider painting the ideal medium to participate with art in the process of social evolution in which we find ourselves: the overcoming of patriarchal tradition and its rigid discriminatory schemes, in favor of a broader worldview, which valorizes the nuances and supports the creative coexistence of diversities.

I was born in 1984 near Rome. 2003 to 2007 I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (department of painting) and I graduated in 2008 with the thesis "Contemporary Art? A free game, but not carefree" (mentor: Prof. Tiziana Musi). 2008 I moved to Berlin. 2013 to 2016 I attended the Education Program for Theater Painting at the Berlin Opera Foundation. I currently live and work in Berlin as a freelance artist and theater painter.


Marie-Charlotte Nouza, France


Marie-Charlotte Nouza is a French contemporary artist, born in Alès, 1989.
She currently resides and works between the South of France and Berlin.
Graduated from «École des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier» with a diploma in ‘Visual Arts’ in 2012. In 2014 she completed a masters degree in Visual Arts at the art faculty of Montpellier.

Marie-Charlotte Nouza addresses a huge range of topics through her expansive body of work.

From complex topics such as feminism, gender identity, sexuality, mental health and death right down to the mundanity of everyday life. Marie-Charlotte's flow of inspiration is organic, cited usually from a combination of her environment, her relationships, her personal experiences and history. Marie-Charlotte's work employs a free and unrestricted painting technique upholding the mantra of embracing imperfection. Her paint is allowed the freedom to lay on the piece as it so pleases.