Stephen Kent, Andrew Thomas PArry, Elisa Rusca

15.09. - 8.10.2017

opening : 15.09.2017, 19:00



False Friends is an exercise in complicating and sabotaging the positions of two artists. Andrew Thomas Parry approaches social inertia's effect on systems of human experience, often taking the form of sketches and maps of theatre productions, videos and architectural intervention, sometimes formalized in distilled, didactic drawings and paintings. Stephen Kent twists and turns everyday notions of decoration by recontextualizing art histories within contemporary sentiments. Kent's intuitive approach to material and subject creates a milieu of peripheral productions, until they are refined to a point of execution.

Parry and Kent's opposing, but supplementary demeanors have been pulled and prodded, in a disruption caused by the artists themselves, by obstructing and demanding differences within the other's projections. This act of negotiation ends at the dinner table, the mediating space between two opposing parties, in an effort to bring opposites together.

Together, at this table, the two have redrawn the treaty by remixing and resampling the text of Elisa Rusca, in an effort to evade the entanglement of rivalries through the third party. False Friends is the acquiescence of three positions in contrary conversations.