What Lies Beneath by Victor Alaluf and Bobbi Jo Brooks

Vernissage: 16.11.2018 at 7 PM

Victor Alaluf and Bobbi Jo Brooks

16.11.2018 - 07.01.2019
Vernissage : 16.11.2018 19:00 - 22:00
Artist Talk: Date to be determined

Green Hill Gallery glad to invite to you the opening of « What Lies Beneath », a collaboration mixed media installation exhibition from Victor Alaluf and Bobbi Jo Brooks. This new body of work explores the themes of memories, connections and what lies beneath all of us. Come and discover what lies beneath our layers and explore yours as well. 


Bobbi Jo Brooks and Victor Alaluf are Berlin based artists working together for about three years. Bobbi Jo was born in 1979 in the USA and Victor was born in 1976 in Argentina. The artistic engagement of both artist goes back to their childhood. Bobbi Jo initially studied Social Work and Theology and worked in rehabilitating juvenile boys convicted of sexual crimes. Her first works came from a confrontation with the effects of her job. The latter challenged her to seek out, create and rediscover beauty in unexpected places. Bobbi Jo’s art is a mix between photography, installation and painting (watercolor and acrylics). Victor was interested in art and fashion from a very early age. He used to design clothes for a local festival in his home town. He moved to Israel when he was 19 years old and obtained a Bachelor and a Master of Fine Arts from the university of Haifa. Victor’s BFA also includes Costume and Stage Design for Theater. Victor’s art includes installation, sculpture, drawing, photography and video art. Recurring themes of Victor’s work focuses on issues of fragility and structure. Bobbi Jo and Victor collaborate in creating studio photography works. The themes reflect both artists’ interests. 




Fragile living
An artistic outlook on sustainability

Nature is fragile. Our exhibition considers the impact that our generation has on the natural environment. We as human beings have the opportunity to hold on, reflect and change things around.
“Fragile living” raises awareness of our ability to leave the earth in a good state and thereby create intergenerational equality. It critically asks: Are we aware of the impact we have on the natural environment every day? And most importantly, are we underestimating our potential to make a positive impact?

The Artists
A graphic designer by craft, Hyuana Kang creates fragile installations made of a mix of natural and artificial materials. With parts of it decomposing, she draws the attention to the finiteness of nature: “My work keeps reminding me that we can never completely restore nature once it is destroyed.”
Emiliano Stella’s work ‘Human Needs’ is a “dramatic representation of human fragility: We need nature but nature doesn’t need us”. ‘Amnios’ shows a pregnant woman on a chair with thin legs. She “carries a renewed life, the world's future”, the artist says. ‘Rusty’ is a “conflicting landscape” combining scrap cars with a renewable wind farm in the horizon.
Painter Sally Payen looks at VIP bees, genetically modified bees that become super bees by alteration. According to her, there’s a positive outlook: “While the worrying situation with the eradication of the bee population through heavy use of pesticides and invention of super bees in laboratory conditions is both terrifying and feels like being inside a real life dystopian novel… the pages are turning.”

Vernissage am 1. Februar 2019, 19:00 Uhr
Ausstellung vom 1. Februar bis 1. März
Das Rahmenprogramm im Februar beinhaltet verschiedene Upcycling- und gestalterische Workshops, eine Swap Party, einen Vortrag und einen Salon zum Thema „Simple Living“.