Elise Fleury, Carolina Grillet, Erin Laurel Hayhow,

Ymy nigris, alice palmieri & puppen körper

27.10. - 19.11.2017

News : unfortunately the Puppen Körper won't be able to perform on November 16th.


The exhibition collects video, photographic, visual and installation works. The eclectic practices of the five young artists depict subjective and self-reflective visions. Their approaches are looking deep inside what is creating our own identity, how are we dealing with our feelings and do we interact with our environment.






solo show

24.11. - 17.12.2017

OPENING : 24.11.2017, 19:00


Le Sonneur is a Paris based artist. If the city is his favorite playground, his creation are more of contemporary art than street art. More than the city itself, those who live there are the real subject of his work. Through installation, photography, video or drawing, he questions our urban condition, the role of the individual anf the tiny limit between public and private space, alienation and freedom or even anonymity and loneliness.

Over time, Le Sonneur tells us about "his" cities, experienced or fantasized where each door can hide stories and secrets. With a simple bell, a keyhole or any little common thing he tells us stories in a minimal and singular style.

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